I was driving my new Scirocco on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon, with the window opened.... then I felt the sudden urge to overtake this Merc that was in front of me.... it was a sharp right turn. The iPhone, placed on just a matt below the windshield, slipped towards the left passenger window and jumped right out! It crash landed on a busy highway. By the time I got back to collect (what was left of) it, the what used to be high glossy glass that was engineered to near perfection by Apple, (together with my heart) had shattered like it had been hit by bullets. I wasn't sure how many cars had run over it. After a while I realised it was only the front display that was in ruins as I heard the familiar notification sounds of incoming SMS and email..... this only shattered my heart even more as there was no way I could read or reply to those messages.....

iPhone 4 in ruins

I was so frustrated I did not equip my car with a car mount o grip my iPhone firmly. At GadgetGear we certainly do not wish to see your iPhone (or any mobile device) like this. We will be sourcing some quality car mounts from some big brands so stay tuned! In fact, we will be broadening our range of iPhone accessories a lot more in coming months.

P.S. This is now sitting as a "collector's item" in my display cabinet in the living room ^_^